Episode 7

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17th Dec 2021

The Truth About Success - Episode 7 (Feat: Martin Young)

In the latest installment of The Truth About Success, Ayo welcomes Martin Young, Senior Leader at Rising Brook Church, to discuss his view on success and how it's linked to faith.

Rising Brook Church has a number of locations across mid Staffordshire and serves people throughout that region. Martin also takes responsibilities with some national and international charities, alongside Rising Brook, to help bring transformation to people and places.

Martin is specifically passionate about helping the most poor and marginalized people to see truth, goodness, and beauty expressed in culture and the creative arts.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy this special edition of the show in which we showcase how success and faith can be linked.


0:06 - Overview on the guest of the day

1:36 - Martin's background

5:30 - Martin's perspective on success and being overly successful

10:15 - You can be successful in many different ways

16:38 - Being cocky can lead you to a mixed bag of results

20:37 - Addressing the mindset of "I'm not good enough"

24:46 - Making peace with your past to ensure you're whole in the presence

27:49 - Forgiving yourself verbally

32:02 - Face your faith

37:56 - Martin's words for those that don't believe in God

42:11 - Martin's passion for showing people the beauty in culture

46:02 - Martin's tips for someone advancing in their career and in their personal lives

50:39 - Don't get carried away with material objects

52:13 - If you know the truth, the truth will set you free

52:47 - Closing remarks

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