Episode 6

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6th Oct 2021

The Truth About Success - Episode 6 (Feat: Mark Jones)

In the latest episode of The Truth About Success, Ayo is joined by Mark Jones, Senior Vice President of the Europe, Africa, and Middle East markets for Saladmaster, to discuss his personal and professional journey towards success.

Throughout his personal and professional life, Mark struggled with multiple low points that forced him to look inward. He needed to dig deep and instill life changes to put him on a better path forward. After some soul searching, Mark launched a successful career, achieving multiple accolades with Saladmaster.

Mark is a firm believer in the power of proper training and mindset.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy another fantastic conversation featuring Mark's personal definition of success and the truths he found along the road towards success.


0:06 - Introduction and background information on Mark Jones

1:43 - Mark's childhood and positive family upbringing

5:56 - The beginning of Mark's professional career, while having a child at 20 years old

8:04 - The challenges along the way for Mark's career

10:15 - Staying positive and focused in the midst of adversity

12:10 - Accepting feedback

14:00 - Habits Mark recommends people begin adopting

16:47 - What Mark attributes his success to

21:45 - The driving factor behind Mark's achievements

24:00 - Mark's charitable efforts in the community

28:42 - The idea of leaving a legacy behind

31:25 - What someone should avoid on the path to success

36:33 - Separating yourself emotionally from what needs to be done

38:47 - The one change someone should be implementing into their life

43:20 - Closing remarks

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