Episode 2

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26th Mar 2021

The Truth About Success - Episode 2 (Feat: Nick Nanton)

In the second installment of The Truth About Success, Ayo Olaseinde welcomes 22 time Emmy® Award Winning Director and Producer, Nick Nanton, to discuss his truths about success.

Listen as Nick shares his personal and professional journey to becoming an extremely well-recognized icon in media. Day-to-day, Nick produces media and has branded content for top thought leaders and media personalities around the world.

Additionally, he has authored more than two dozen Best-Selling books (including the Wall Street Journal Bestseller - StorySelling™) and produced and directed more than 40 documentaries, earning 22 Emmy wins and 43 nominations.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy a thought-provoking discussion surrounding Nick's interpretation of success and what it means to achieve it.


03:00 - Nick's upbringing and roots in Barbados

10:30 - How to find your "unique ability"

13:00 - How Nick became a director and producer for documentaries

16:50 - How Nick's films are able to evoke emotions from his viewers and inspire action

19:11 - What are the ingredients of a good story?

20:18 - Nick's advice to someone just starting out in their respective industry

23:38 - Staying focused on your goal despite outside challenges

27:00 - Nick's experience working with X-Prize and directing Visioneer documentary

30:00 - "It's not an education crisis, it's a culture crisis"

32:15 - Culture is created when everyone is leaning towards a similar outcome

34:35 - Nick's work to combat human trafficking throughout the world

37:50 - What traits do the top thought-leaders have?

40:00 - The more people you serve, the more you feel fulfilled

44:00 - Nick's definition of success

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