Episode 1

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25th Feb 2021

The Truth About Success - Episode 1

In the inaugural episode of The Truth About Success, we take a deep dive into the personal and professional growth of Ayo Olaseinde, President of Saladmaster.

Bringing decades of business experience, as well as a rags-to-riches story, Ayo shares his personal and professional journey from the streets to the board room. Throughout his journey, Ayo was forced to look inward and push himself to achieve more than what he thought was possible.

In addition to sharing personal truths about his own success, Ayo highlights the goal of the show moving forward. With each new episode, Ayo will welcome on a new guest, who brings their own wealth of experience, to discuss their journeys and truths about their own level of success.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy an enlightening conversation surrounding Ayo's own truth about success!


00:25 - Who is Ayo Olaseinde?

01:40 - The meaning behind the show's name "The Truth About Success"

04:05 - Ayo's upbringing and struggles he faced

07:40 - Ayo making ends meet with a labor-oriented position

08:45 - When things began to evolve for Ayo and lead him towards a career in business

13:00 - His entrance into the world of sales

22:00 - Becoming the President of Saladmaster

25:45 - Why Ayo leaned towards writing a book to share his knowledge with others

29:27 - What does hard work mean to Ayo?

34:51 - The difference between wishing for something and setting a goal

36:45 - Establishing a partnership with The Success Network and developing this show

40:10 - The single driving factor for Ayo's success

45:28 - What Saladmaster's dealers can do to further the companies strengths

49:15 - Ayo sitting down with Emmy-Award Winner Nick Nanton in his next episode

52:00 - Life is about evolving to be the best you, you can be


Book - "Have You Got The Why "Y" Factor"

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The Truth About Success
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President of Saladmaster, Ayo Olasiende, sits down with a variety of individuals, from all walks of life, to discuss their truths about success. Bringing decades of business experience, along with a rags-to-riches story, Ayo holds a deep understanding of the hard work and dedication it takes to achieve success.

With each episode, Ayo sits down with a new guest to explore their meaning behind success and the road each individual has taken to achieve it.