Episode 9

Published on:

17th Mar 2022

The Truth About Success - Episode 9 (Feat: Larry Dickman)

Have you ever wondered why so few people live successful lives? 

Hard work and determination are not the only factors to worry about when it comes to accomplishing your goals. 

In our latest episode of The Truth About Success, special guest Larry Dickman, President and CEO of Estherbrook Inc., joins us to discuss his own truths and how you can attain success!


0:06 - Introduction and an overview on the guest of the episode

2:04 - Larry's early involvement in the cookware sales business

6:30 - Larry's book about motivation and staying positive while finding success

9:45 - Larry's childhood

14:48 - Those that lack discipline struggle to achieve success

25:40 - Building Estherbrook and how that success was achieved

32:18 - Viewing failure and rejection in a different light

45:37 - Larry's mentors as he was growing up

55:06 - The price of success and the price of failure

1:03:03 - Closing remarks

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