Episode 4

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5th Jul 2021

The Truth About Success - Episode 4 (Feat: Greg Windfeldt)

In the latest installment of The Truth About Success, Ayo welcomes a close friend and mentor to the show - Greg Windfeldt. As the President and CEO of Preferred Credit, Inc., Greg has spent the last 29 years growing the company through a variety of roles, including collections, operations, controller, Vice President and CFO, and now President and CEO.

During Greg's tenure, Preferred Credit has grown from 25 employees to 250. This past year, in one of the most tumultuous years we've seen, Greg helped generate over $240 million in new loans!

So sit back, relax, and enjoy another enlightening conversation from an operations master. There are bound to be lessons within Greg's version of success that could be applied to your own professional growth.


00:37 - Background information on Greg Windfeldt

02:30 - Greg's upbringing and childhood

04:10 - Greg's successful and hard-working father

06:15 - Greg interviewing for jobs and starting out in the workforce

08:20 - The assumptions of working in your own family business

10:15 - The importance of working hard, especially in a small business

12:00 - Taking his company form 25 employees to 250

16:00 - Background on Preferred Credit, Inc.

18:00 - Greg's primary responsibilities within the company

23:12 - The importance behind having mentors

26:00 - How to choose the right type of mentors

28:50 - The differences in businesses thriving and failing during the Covid-19 pandemic

34:00 - Greg's role as Chairman of the Board on Granite Equity

37:30 - Greg's outlook on the career growth cycle

42:00 - Greg's tips for building wealth

46:30 - The Golden Goose analogy

48:00 - You need to continuously be learning more information

52:00 - Closing remarks

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