Episode 11

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12th May 2022

The Truth About Success - Episode 11 (Feat: Evelyn Sheridan)

On the latest installment of The Truth About Success, Ayo is joined by Evelyn Sheridan, President of CA Systems and an Elite Master Dealer with Saladmaster, to discuss her professional growth over the years and her own truths about success.

Despite beginning her career as a CPA, Evelyn transitioned into a new career path that forged her journey towards success. She took on a role as a Saladmaster dealer and worked her way through the ranks. Today, she runs CA Systems and has mastered her responsibilities to pave a bright future for her company.

You aren't going to want to miss out on this great episode that's full of wisdom!


0:06 - Introduction and overview on the guest of the day

1:35 - How Evelyn views herself and her success over the years

5:55 - Evelyn's move to the United States

9:27 - Evelyn's transition from an employee to an entrepreneur

15:33 - Evelyn's truth about success and what you need to succeed

20:06 - Why do people fail?

26:54 - Evelyn's advice to those starting their professional careers

30:41 - How to focus on what you want versus what you don't have

36:00 - Evelyn's habits to pick herself up

40:55 - The importance of mentors in your life

43:38 - Evelyn's outlook on the growing contingency of women dominating business

48:43 - Fun, personal habits of Evelyn's

52:20 - Closing remarks

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